Stainless & Specialsteel

INVEX offers stainless steel as steel sheet and steel rod and above this a wide assortment of stainless pipes. Our assortment contains martensitic, ferritic, austenitic and duplex stainless steel to ensure you have an optimal selection for your applications.
INVEX also store and deliver Nickel- and steel grades in extruded form and other grades which are used within the oil- and gas industry.

INVEX also offers many different forms of special steel such as stainless heat resistant steel, magnet steel such as rod, sheet, plates, pipes, substances, Hexagon bar and more.
High strength material that has excellent stretch properties and that are often used within the flight- and defence industry.

Material, resistant to several different acidic environments such as seawater and other chloride environments. Material that fits several different applications within industries such as chemical processing industry, oil, gas and marine environments.

Product Range

Austenitics, Martensitics
Lean duplex/Duplex/Superduplex
Heat-resistant Grades
Special Alloys
Customized Products

INVEX assortment of stainless steel includes among others:
Stainless sheet
cold rolled, warm rolled
Stainless rod
Flatt-, round-, squared- and hexagonal rod
Stainless pipes
Round- and squared pipes. Seamless pipes.
Duplex & Superduplex
Rod, sheet and pipe

 Sheets / Plates and Bars
Rubes sseamless and welded

1.4501 F55 S32760 Super Duplex
1.4410 F53 S32750 Super Duplex
1.4462 F60 S31803 Duplex
1.4162 2101 S32101 Lean Duplex
1.4362   S32304 Lean Duplex
1.4542 17-4PH S17400 PH-steel
1.4545 15-5PH S15500 PH-Steel
1.4548 13-8PH S13800 PH-Steel
1.4980 A-286 S66286  
1.4959 Alloy 800 NO8810  
1.3964 XM-19 S20910  
  Nitronic S21904  
1.4835 253MA S30815  
1.4833 309 S30900  
1.4539 904L NO8904 Super austenit
1.4546 AISI 347   AMS 5646
1.4547 254SMO S3254 Super austenit
1.4571 316Ti S31635  
1.4546 AISI 347 AMS 5646  
1.4541 AISI 321    
1.4841 AISI 314    
1.4828 AISI 309    
2.4654 Waspalloy NO7001 AMS 5706
1.4404 AISI 316L    
1.4301 AISI 304    
2.4068 201 NO2201  
2.4360 Monel 400 NO4400  
2.4851 Alloy 601 NO6601  
2.4856 Alloy 625 NO6625  
  Alloy C-22 NO6022  
2.4668 Alloy 718 NO7718 AMS 5663
Specialsteel – Alloys:

PH-stål Corrosion hardy Heat resistant Other
15-5PH Ni 200/201 1.4841 Nitronic 50
17-4PH Inconel 625 1.4541 Nitronic 60
17-7PH Alloy C-22 1.4828 Super Duplex
13-8Mo Alloy C-276 Inconel 718 Duplex
Alloy C-59 A-286, waspalloy


Contact our salesdepartement for offers, prices and more in-depth information regarding our product assortment and product choises. Remember that through our suppliers we can provide products that are not included in our ordinary assortment.